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Keeping you safe in therapy



I have continued to keep my practice open during the pandemic and am committed to offering a face-to-face service for all clients who require it. Guidance from the Scottish Government and the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) classifies counselling as an essential service. Throughout the pandemic face-to-face appointments were able to continue where they were deemed essential to the client's wellbeing and where the safety of both the therapist and client had been considered. Currently there are no restrictions in place to prevent face-to-face working.

Whilst I cannot guarantee 100% safety I am confident the measures I have taken create an environment for my clients that is as safe as I can make it. I trust my clients to make their own risk assessment and respect their right to choose what is best for them. I encourage you to speak to me about any safety concerns you might have and am happy to help you decide if face-to-face sessions are right for you at this time.


I have carried out a full risk assessment of the premises and numerous safety and hygiene measures remain in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19. My therapy room is fully cleaned and sanitised between appointments. I leave a gap of at least 15 minutes between clients to air out the room. I have also invested in an air purifying system to ensure air quality. Common areas and touch points are sanitised regularly through the day and bathrooms after every use. Furniture is positioned two meters apart to allow us to physically distance.


Due to the nature of therapy it is not practical to wear masks during a session. The barrier to communication is likely to impair the therapeutic process and reduce my ability to properly empathise with and understand you. I prioritise physical distancing and ensuring proper airflow in order to compensate for this. Masks can be worn when entering or leaving the building and in the waiting room if required.